• New Discovery: Frog Slime Kills Flu Virus

  • AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Fundraiser

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  • AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Fundraiser

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Vaccine Philanthropy

Philanthropic donations provide seed funding for elite junior scientists working toward understanding, preventing and curing HIV/AIDS. This funding mechanism is critical in expanding the scope of HIV and AIDS research at the Emory Vaccine Center. These funds lead to discoveries and progress in the fight to combat HIV/AIDS on a global scale.

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Help Us Save Lives

Donations expand the Emory Vaccine Center's ability to improve human health. YOUR HELP LEADS... To pioneering studies promising vaccines. To the purchase of cutting-edge equipment. To critical clinical trials and testing. The recruitment and retention of top scientists from around the world. On average, each private funding dollar the Emory Vaccine Center receives is leveraged to acquire 17 additional research dollars in the form of prestigious federal grants.

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Featured Researcher

Dr. Mehul Suthar and his lab are working to understand how the Zika virus crosses the placenta. Suthar's lab is dedicated to better understanding emerging pathogens like Zika to create preventative measures in the future.

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Upcoming Events

ImmunoEngineering EU/GT Research Talk Days. These research days are open to Emory and Georgia Tech faculty doing research in ImmunoEngineering. Wednesday, October 10, 1 - 4 pm, Whitehead Auditorium Tuesday, November 27, 9 am - 1 pm, Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience, Petit Biotechnology Bldg Sponsored by the Emory Vaccine Center-lunch served.

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