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Mission Statement

At the Emory Vaccine Center, our mission is to improve human health by conducting fundamental and clinical research that leads to the development of effective vaccines against diseases of global importance.

The Emory Vaccine Center is an epicenter of academic research and development of vaccines for both chronic and infectious diseases. With more than 250 faculty members and staff, it is the largest and most comprehensive academic vaccine research center in the world.

Our goal at the Emory Vaccine Center is to benefit people – to prevent and cure disease. That is why the center’s focus is on the continuum of vaccine research, from basic science to clinical trials to vaccine policy. We want to see what we do in the lab make a difference in – even save – people’s lives. Working in our labs in Atlanta and New Delhi, with our partners across the United States and around the world, and with the assistance of thousands of supporters and volunteers in the community, we are improving human health.